Dog Training Classes

Helping you to help your pet is our aim

Helping your pet to lead a fulfilling life is key to being a good owner.  If you can meet these needs, you will help  him to be content and therefore easy to live with!  Paws 4 Training is here to help you with this and below is a list of the classes that we provide.  We also have Kennel Club Status and follow the Good Citizen Kennel Club Scheme.  Click on Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme for more details on this.


1-2-1 home visits are also available, especially for those early days when you first bring your new puppy home.  These first weeks are the most important in his or her life when they soak up everything they can learn.  You may not be able to take them out yet, but they can still start learning at home!

If anyone has any specific problems we will also look at these and each week we will be talking about issues such as mouthing and play biting, jumping up, the importance of loose lead work and a solid recall, boisterousness and destructive behaviour and any other problems that you might be experiencing!

I should say that whilst we undertake to do all that we can to assist you in the training of  your dog, it is you the handler we are teaching and not your dog. Dog training is very repetitive, that is how dogs learn, that and a lot of patience! When training at home make your training sessions little and often; and always finish on a positive!

If you are interested in any of the classes listed then please contact us to discuss your requirements and reserve a class place.

Classes are currently held on Wednesday and Thursday each week

Puppy Socialisation Class

8 week course, £55.00, 6.30pm–7.30pm

This is aimed at socialising your pup as soon as possible.  Puppyhood is a lovely time, full of promise and energy.  It is a journey for your puppy of learning and exploring and a time for your pup to grow and develop into a well-adjusted dog.

Raising a puppy is very similar to raising a child, but they develop a lot quicker!

They need to:

  • Socialise well

  • Have fun

  • Build a good relationship with you and others


We will cover:

  • Loose lead work

  • Socialisation with people and dogs

  • Recall

  • Basic positions

  • Wait exercise

  • Handling and grooming (useful for vet examination and basic good manners)

  • How to play! (Not all puppies know how to play and it is important to teach them to play nicely).


We aim to socialise your puppy well with early training, using positive methods, rewarding often and having fun.  Things will go wrong and this is the time to look for positive solutions that work for both of you.  Get it right in the first year and you set them up for a lifetime and will have a contented dog.  Get it wrong and they probably face an uncertain future full of recriminations for bad behaviour, which is not their fault.  Getting it right doesn’t come easy and needs lots of patience, commitment and time.


Beginners Classes

8 week course, £55.00, 7.35pm-8.35pm

Moving on from the puppy class we aim to build on what your pup has learnt and expand on it, again with positive reinforcement and rewards.  We will cover:

  • Body language and the correct way to use your lead and other equipment.

  • Loose lead work

  • Positions: sit, down and stand

  • The stay exercise

  • Achieving a strong recall

  • Meeting and greeting others in a controlled manner

  • Grooming and examination of your dog

  • The importance of play and having fun!


Silver/Advanced Classes

8 week course, £50.00, 8.35pm - 9.35pm

Once your dog has matured a bit and grown in confidence it may be time to move on and expand your training, giving your dog more to think about and stimulate his brain! 

We will cover:

  • Walking free beside handler’s side

  • Return to handler’s side

  • Road work

  • Stay down in one place

  • Send your dog to bed

  • Stop the dog

  • Relaxed isolation

  • Food manners

  • Examination of the dog

  • Scent


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